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The fastest method for obtaining copies of Jim's teambuilding books is directly from the publishers and sources listed here. As an alternative, you can also use the ISBN to obtain these books from your local bookstore. Finally, Training Wheels Inc. carries all of these books at


Teamwork & Teamplay

Teamwork & Teamplay

by: Jim Cain, Barry Jollif

A Guide to cooperative, challenge and adventure activities that build confidence, cooperation, teamwork, creativity, trust, decision making, conflict resolution, resource management, communication, effective feedback and problem solving skills

Publisher: Kendall Hunt
ISBN:   0-7872-4532-1

The Book on Raccoon Circles

The Book of Raccoon Circles

by Dr. Jim Cain, Dr. Tom Smith

You may have heard of Raccoon Circles before. This is "The Book" that contains the official information. It is complete with pictures, illustrations, processing information, history, references, and even success stories using the circles.

Publisher: Kendall Hunt
ISBN:   0-9646541-6-4

Teambuilding Puzzles by Jim Cain

Teambuilding Puzzles

by: Jim Cain, Mike Anderson, Chris Cavert, Tom Heck

100 Puzzles and activities for creating teachable moments in creative problem solving, consensus building, leadership, exploring diversity, group decision making, goal setting, active learning, communication & teamwork.

Publisher: Kendall Hunt
ISBN:   0-9746442-0-X

A Teachable Moment


A Teachable Moment

by: Jim Cain, Michelle Cummings, Jennifer Stanchfield

A Facilitator's Guide to Activities for Processing, Debriefing, Reviewing and Reflecting

Publisher: Kendall Hunt
ISBN:   0-7575-1782-X

The Book of Raccoon Circles (Japanese)

The Book of Raccoon Circles in Japanese

Thanks to our partnership with the National Camping Association of Japan, LABO and the Japanese Girl Guides, Raccoon Circle activities are available in this new book. 152 pages of the best Raccoon Circle activities, stories, references and information.

For more information, or to purchase this book in Japan, contact:

Teamplay Cards

Teamwork & Teamplay International Edition

by: Jim Cain

In this ground-breaking new book, Dr. Jim Cain shares his favorite and most powerful team and community building activities from around the world and presents each activity in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Italian, Dutch, Hebrew, Thai, Mongolian, Greek, Danish and Portuguese.

Purchase: Training Wheels
Tel: 888-553-0147

The Big Book of Low Cost Training Games

The Big Books of Low-Cost Training Games

by: Jim Cain, Mary Scannell

Big Book of Low-Cost Training Games: Quick, Effective Activities that Explore Communication, Goal Setting, Character Development, Teambuilding, and More

Whether you’re a trainer or facilitator, a group leader or manager, you’ll find the games in this book are excellent tools for building trust, exploring character, fostering collaboration, and demonstrating more effective communication techniques. Purchase directly from

Publisher: McGraw Hill
ISBN:   978-0-07-177437-6